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    Bridging Cloud and On-Premises with i-LAN's OneBox

    Unleash the power of centrally managed Edge compute

    i-LAN's OneBox technology empowers you to simplify and virtualize your entire data center, or all your Edge IT, eliminating the complexity and cost of traditional infrastructure.

    This compact, high-performance device seamlessly manages compute, networking, security, and backup systems, ensuring that your servers, applications, and data remain encrypted, protected, and easily accessible inside these Edge systems throughout the whole world.

    OneBox seamlessly integrates with our OneCloud management system, providing you with a centralized platform for comprehensive visibility and control. OneCloud collects data from all OneBoxes, analyzing it with artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights into performance, security, and compliance. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize your IT infrastructure, and proactively address potential issues.


    I-LANs Edge Platform


    Protect your data with robust encryption and advanced security measures, while ensuring compliance with industry standards.


    Streamline operations, reduce costs, and efficiently free up IT resources with our centralized management platform.


    Experience the power of our high-performance OneBox devices to handle even the most demanding workloads.

    Seamless Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

    Leverage hybrid cloud connectivity

    i-LAN's OneBox solution seamlessly bridges the gap between your on-premises data center and the cloud, enabling effortless hybrid cloud connectivity. Seamlessly access and integrate with leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Salesforce, and SAP, extending your IT capabilities and maximizing your agility.

    Working Process

    Our Working Process - How We Work For Our Clients



    Dive into your unique challenges; our first step is a deep understanding of your objectives and technical landscape.


    Tailored Solution

    Strategize with precision; we blueprint your customized Edge solution with scalability and efficiency at the core.



    Transforming plans into action; our team deploys cutting-edge Edge technology tailored to your business needs.



    Exceeding expectations; we ensure seamless integration and provide ongoing support for your Edge infrastructure.