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A.I. managed Edge-Compute Infrastructure 
We provide the technology for "Edge Compute as a Service" 

OneBox & OneCloud. EdgeCompute of the future. A self-healing A.I. driven Edge Compute solution that secures, manages and automates all IT resources around the world. OneBox: Remote systems managed by a centralized platform OneCloud

Most data are processed using centralized computing, where the central cloud can sometimes be thousands of miles away. But the data is generated mostly on remote sites or branches. Data is collected and sent to be processed through major cloud vendors such as Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in centralized computing. 

Data generated by business application systems is often dispersed or generated across numerous locations, each of which is a micro data center on remote locations. So, If you’re not at the center (Cloud or DC), you’re at the Edge of the network. Hens Edge Compute.

 It brings compute, analytics, networks, security access management and backups closer to the devices and locations that initially generate data. Organizations are becoming interested in the concept of the Edge because of how it can solve a growing number of network computing challenges. Latencies, network interruptions, and amount of data generated is costly to keep in the cloud.


A second reason to adopt edge compute, are the massive migration efforts companies undergo, to bring Datacenter applications to the cloud. Where in most cases, at least 20% will remain in these data centers due to legacy or incompatibility with cloud technology. 


A third reason is most likely to be legacy systems on remote sites or branches. Automation plants, production or logistical sites, building management all have one thing in common. And that is legacy networks and compute. SCADA, PLC, IoT, RTU, Robotics, medicinal machines, maritime sector, retail sector and so on.


The key to all this is how Edge computing allows data to be processed locally, these systems are being secured for malicious intentions, and all maintenance on these systems can be done remotely and automated by AI.

Cloud - and Edge -computing are not mutually exclusive, i-LAN provides a full edge compute solution that easily integrates with the cloud and all it’s core applications.



OneBox is an Edge Compute solution as a Service. The OneBox can virtualize the local It hardware that is necesary to support business or poduction. The OneBox will virtualize servers, networking, security and access management to these systems to obtain one coherent IT management, on these remote sites. 

A simple & fully integrated server  system :

  • High availability hardware

  • Easy VM Management & Deployment

  • Easy virtualized & managed networking

  • Highest Security standards

  • Best in class access control

  • Backup & Restore

A powerful combination of hardware and software
A full solution to virtualize, secure and access all sites infrastructure. Simple, one-click management capabilities reducing labor cost to a minimum

And … Affordable


OneCloud: the central management and logging platform that connects all remote OneBoxes. Each OneBox manages the local infrastructure, networks and security. The OneCloud provides a flexible hybridization of all these Remote Branch infrastructures and the customers Core applications in the cloud or private data centers. The OneCloud provides a hybrid or multi-cloud management framework that will provide greater operational agility and power to identify, analyze and respond quickly to incidents or changes in every OneBox all over the world. The power of OneCloud central management, is the ease of set up. Automated processes & Artificial Intelligence will provide a flexible and full deployment of the RoBo sites (Remote Branch and Offices) All the IT components are virtualized, the data is collected into one huge database, and different tools will allow full management of all OneBoxes around the world. This makes the IT engineering and management of all these sites (OneBox) intuitive and easy like an app on your mobile phone. 

The usage of enterprise technology will protect and serve all the branch IT & business processes. And it will ensure industries best standards to secure the full environment. The efficiency in deploying and maintaining servers, applications and finally your business processes is guaranteed by the service of the OneCloud


The dashboard provides command and control. It will assist the customer in finding the most beneficiary operating model for infrastructure, security, networking, applications and data.  i-LAN is providing a full A.I. operated platform that will allow customers to count on the machine learning technology to optimize operations. Remote IT Infrastructure fully secured managing all IT assets, managing, servers, networks, applications and produced data. Based on i-LAN's OneCloud Data-analytics & machine learning technology of the OneCloud

i-LAN technology will help thousands of companies gaining easy and secure access to their data, the most valuable asset of the company. IT technology easy and secure. No matter where or who they are. We are constantly looking for the bright minds that will allow technology to go forward into the future:

i-LAN reinvents the way we connect with the cloud. We rethink the foundations of ICT en RoBo compute. We redefined what Edge Compute should be to be efficient, profitable and reliable. We are proud to be pioneering the future of networks and compute.

Cyber Security Expo Brussels 2019, i-LAN presented the first version of the OneBox 

2019, Cyber Security Expo Be

Cyber Security Expo Brussels Europe 2023: i-LAN presnets the new development of the OneCloud V3.0. And intuitive Central management Dasboard for Central management: Infrastructure, network, security, applications and Data. Monitoring, reporting, Backup and DRP

The new DashBoard from i-LAN makes datacenter management and operations easy as your mobile phone 

April 2023, Cyber Security Expo Brussels


Kanaal Z ICT episode 2019

February 2019, Kanaal Z ICT

KanaalZ ICT episonde 2022

April 2022, Kanaal Z ICT

Edge-Compute platform OneBox & OneCloud




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