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At i-Lan, we understand that the digital age demands a new approach to IT infrastructure. That's why we offer the OneBox - a transformative solution that virtualizes, standardizes, and automates your entire IT landscape.

Over the last decade, IT infrastructures have grown increasingly complex, often consisting of disparate components managed separately—servers, storage, networks. This can lead to inflexibility, resource wastage, and escalating operational costs.

OneBox is the answer to these challenges, offering seamless integration of your applications, whether they’re cloud-based or local, to ensure business continuity. Think beyond traditional servers, networks, security, backups, and storage. OneBox alleviates the pressure on your profit margins and IT staff, providing a streamlined, innovative environment ripe for transformation.

Why Choose

OneBox for your business solutions?

Our OneBox system stands out as the premier choice for companies seeking robust solutions with the following key advantages

Business Continuity

Flexibility & Scalability

Cost Efficiency

Security & Privacy

Customized solutions

The OneBox includes a hyperconverged infrastructure, which is a comprehensive IT framework that combines servers, storage, and networking into a single system. It is enhanced by OneCloud software to ensure seamless integration and operation as a unified whole. Shifting from hardware-centric to software-defined, hyperconvergence provides a scalable solution by linking multiple nodes into a cluster, simplifying the IT landscape.

Virtualization within the OneBox means optimizing the use of physical components for increased flexibility and scalability. It streamlines resource management and allocation, backed by administrative tools and mechanisms for fault tolerance and high availability. The OneBox encapsulates applications, servers, switches, routers, and firewalls into a virtual infrastructure, creating a Micro datacenter with a graphical interface for easy visualization of your entire infrastructure and security.

With an AI-driven central management system, the OneBox allows for intuitive administration of all remote locations, simplifying complex operations and offering a user-friendly experience.



OneBox Technical Specs
Edge Computing & Management

OneCloud Standard

OneCloud’s central management platform acts as the nucleus for orchestrating OneBox edge computing systems. It streamlines configurations, maintenance, and functionality across various locations through a unified dashboard. Key highlights include:

  • Unified Control: Monitor and manage multiple OneBox instances via a single view, simplifying oversight and ensuring consistency.
  • Configuration Management: Remotely set up and update OneBox systems, ensuring streamlined deployment and uniformity.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: Utilize real-time monitoring for performance and gain insights for proactive management.
  • Automated Maintenance: Implement updates and maintenance across OneBox systems with minimal downtime, maintaining security and currency.
  • Security Protocols: Enforce stringent access controls and security policies, safeguarding data across all endpoints.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: Scale and adapt your infrastructure with ease, integrating new units without compromising efficiency.
  • Intuitive Interface: Navigate and manage complex systems with user-friendly tools, requiring minimal training.

OneCloud Advanced (Data Analysis)

OneCloud Advanced melds AI with cloud infrastructure to transform data analysis. This powerful combination allows for:

  • AI-Enhanced Data Processing: Efficiently handle large data sets, accelerating the analysis process.
  • Advanced Machine Learning Tools: Harness predictive analytics and deep insights with an array of ML algorithms.
  • NLP Capabilities: Delve into unstructured text for sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and language translation.
  • AI Recommendation Engines: Optimize decision-making with suggestions based on historical data and user activity.
  • Deep Learning Frameworks: Utilize neural networks for intricate tasks like image classification and object detection.
  • AutoML for Model Building: Simplify model selection and deployment with automated algorithm tuning and hyperparameter optimization.
  • Continuous AI Learning: Evolve with ongoing data analysis, ensuring models stay relevant and accurate.
  • Seamless Integration: Incorporate AI tools into existing workflows and third-party apps with robust API support.

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