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i-LAN was founded in 2018 by 2 co-workers Engineers Maarten Clement and Sven Vande Cappelle with the mission to solve the challenges that came with managing RoBo sites IT (Remote Office Remote Branches or Edge). Both have more than 25 years of experience in Data Center & Cloud technology and exemplary references throughout the IT sector in their careers. By the year 2017, most companies started the massive move to the cloud. By these large-scale migrations, they’ve quickly noticed that not all IT could go to the cloud. So, Maarten & Sven’s development led to a device that started the EdgeCompute revolution in the industry and the Retail sector, this device was called the OneBox. An Edge Compute device that would Virtualize & automate all IT components, upscale Security standards, and manage all networks throughout all 800 stores located in Belgium. Leading to a massive return in the IT running cost, not only by technology and support costs reductions, but also much more efficiency for daily operations. Later, they developed Top level technology, driven by A.I. intelligence to manage all these OneBoxes with the ease of a smartphone, called the OneCloud. An intelligent system to manage all that IT around all these remote sites.

I-LAN is a leading provider of innovative Edge Compute Solution as A Services, offering total security and managed solutions for companies of all sizes.

Founded by a group of friends/colleagues who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, developed these ideas into a prototype that quickly took of as a very successful solution for the RoBo (Remote Offices Remote BRanches) and Retail market.

Today we offer smart, secured innovative services to our clients worldwide.

We built our concept by developing custom solutions  for our customers who have specific needs and standards different budgets and different technical resources than other more traditional ICT companies.

​Get in touch today to learn more about the i-LAN concept.

i-LAN presentation on Kanaal Z - ICT 

presenting our partnership with Econocom


2022, Kanaal Z - ICT , TV-channel emission

i-LAN presentation on Kanaal Z - ICT

Presenting the first OneBox & OneCloud Version.

April 2020, Kanaal Z - ICT , TV-channel emission 

Cyber Security Expo Brussels 2019, i-LAN presented the first version of the OneBox 

CyberSec expo 2019, Belgium

i-LAN is based on the technology of Scale Computing, and has been in close contact since the development of the edge solution for a large retail company. 

started 2017


Meet i-LAN's innovators 

The OneBox, forged out of the innovative partnership between 2 colleagues and friends. Creating a solution to a problem where most companies worldwide where challenged with. The digitalization has move vast amounts of compute to the cloud, but meanwhile made clear that there is also compute needed in the remote area's, where the cloud can not provide a solution. The Edge. Providing this solution (The OneBox & OneCloud) the soon realized that this product was a solution to many companies daily challenges. Remote IT infrastructure's stability, remote infrastructure security, the management and local engineering needed present to operate all these local compute. Not aside for all data and data integrity the concept provided a Total Solution to the problem. A full Edge platform and Management system called, OneBox and OneCloud.

Hens the friends partnered up with the necessary competences to further develop the product into a future proof system that will make full Edge Management possible within a closed down, standardized and secured eco system. 

i-LAN is using A.I. & machine learning to operate the platform but also is capable to collect all application data, filter and analyze it. So data can be consumed by the core applications of the end customer.   

Maarten Clement, Founder

Sven Vande Cappelle, Founder

Laurens Desmedt, Sales NL

Fabrice Milioni, Sales Fr

Herman Van Looveren,  Software Architect

Patrick Devos



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