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Edge Compute as a Service

A simple & fully integrated system :

  • High availability hardware

  • Easy VM Management & Deployment

  • Easy virtualized networking

  • Highest Security standards

  • Best in class access control

  • Backup & Replication

  • UPS, 4G/5G, Satellite, and other options ...



A powerful combination of hardware and software.
A full solution to virtualize, securize and access all sites. 
Simple, one-click management capabilities reducing labor cost to a minimum. And … Affordable

Centrally managed and controlled by the OneCloud, this self-healing system will take control over the local networks and infrastructure, consolidating and running the complete local IT, while all local applications, servers and networking are now virtualized and managed from the OneBox.

By means of the abstraction of hardware and software, the customer no longer needs hands on site of the remote locations, and failures are replaced by a standard warranty contract with i-Lan. When a failing component has been replaced, the new device will be added into the system to heal itself by automated processes.

The dashboard provides command and control, reporting and visualization of the complete environment. The usage of A.I. will allow immediate and reliable interactions that are necessary for the customers daily operations. 

Functionalities including the following functionalities:

  • Monitoring and controlling all the RoBo sites

  • Full hardened security on the RoBo landscape

  • Full integration of Identity and access management IAM. Able to provide all partners, employee and admin access to specific components from everywhere. Control access based on user policies

  • All remote applications can communicate with Backend of the customer in a secure and structured way, to customer core-applications

  • Cloud-based monitoring, reporting of all resources

  • Cloud-based control and deployment of servers and applications

  • Automated VM deployment from OneCloud to the OneBox

  • Streamlined onboarding and deployment, call home function

  • Automated IT and IoT device security

  • Advanced analytics on all OneBox infrastructure.

  • Artificial intelligence to analyse behavior and anomalies

  • Cloud connector for easy integration into the ISP cloud solution











Service-Oriented Architecture

i-Lan is developing enterprise-wide Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) that are designed to deploy all services related to  IT & business processes, compute and networking, security and monitoring, technical tasks, and data access using the OneBox & OneCloud technology. We construct every SOA based on our i-Lan platform to ensure interoperability, scalability, integrity of integrated systems, legacy systems and loosely coupled system independence.

Enterprise Application Integrations

The OneCloud provides Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions, facilitating seamless communications between mission-critical business platforms from the Edge to your Core Applications. We have experience providing integrations for platforms that handle content management (CMS), accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, reporting and analytics, and digital marketing.

Data Integration Services

Our development team & consultants performs data integration services, including merging data in disparate applications, consolidating business processes, and creating Artificial Intelligence data analytics to ensure a complete and full overview on all your RoBo sites and Business processes














The OneCloud provides a flexible hybridization of the Remote Branch infrastructures and the customers Core applications in the cloud or private data centers. The OneCloud provides a hybrid or multi-cloud management framework that will provide greater operational agility and power to identify, analyze and respond quickly to incidents or changes all over the world. The power of OneCloud central management, is the ease of set up. Automated processes will provide a flexible and full deployment of the RoBo sites (Remote Branch and Offices)

The uses of enterprise technology will protect and serve all the branch IT & business processes. And it will ensure industries best standards to secure the full environment. The efficiency in deploying and maintaining servers, applications and finally your business processes is guaranteed by the service of the OneCloud

  1. All remote sites are controlled by the central Managament System

  2. IAM & User management integrated with ADFS, AD, AAD, SSO

  3. Logging, monitoring, security all integrated   (different modules)

  4. All local applications can communicate with Backend in a secure way.

  5. Cloud connectivity directly into Azure infrastructure

  6. Automated Deployment of network, compute and security around the world wide

  7. User-friendly central management interfaces

  8. Easy operations 




EDGE COMPUTE as a Service

i-LAN’s technology is making real the concept of open internet access for any remote site, anywher and fully secured. Here is how.

i-Lan’s secured RoBo edge compute & management system

How to manage different IT systems in remote sites and provide business continuity at the same time?

How can one provide support and business continuity to manage various locations with the necessary local IT infrastructure?  When taking security into account how can you keep the necessary IT budget purchases and monthly costs under control? And at the same time still provide the necessary resilience so that local operations are not impacted or compromised? OneBox allows you to provide everything in these remote stores (offices, branches, and automation/SCADA systems) with the necessary local compute. Security, infrastructure management and applications are fully controlled by 1 instance, the OneCloud.

Manage all your remote sites by one central manager OneCloud. Security, access management, hardware and software management, automation, deployments, and new infrastructure are all programmable from the central system. Device management, reporting, real-time monitoring, and predictive failure prevention are some of the module examples. 

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